Welcome | Fusion Youth Ministry |


    There is no better time then now to become part of the Fusion Youth Family.

    We promise to make you feel included and welcomed!

    We believe in biblical teachings, Listening to the Holy Spirit,
    becoming zealous in your faith and active in our community! 
    We encourage students to grow in their talents/passions, and to become leaders in every area that God is calling them to.

    Come in to CityLights Church during the week and meet w/Pastor Bryan. 

    (Tues-Fri) 8:30am-4:30pm


  • Events and Times

    We are in our summer time scheduling!

    Thursday Nights We meet from 7-9Pm

    To find out where and what we are doing, follow us on

    Instagram @ fusion_youthministry

  • Bible Study

    Held on Tuesday Nights from 7-8pm.

    Resumes in September

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