Global Missions

Through local mission and global mission, we believe it is the local churches responsibility to reach out and make a difference. When we care about people they see the love of God in action. It is our mission to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our city and around the world.

  • Jeremy & Tersa feller - ethiopia

    The gospel continues to influence the nation. We are involved in a variety of ways through teaching, church planting and development. Jeremy works in teaching and leadership development. With the great move of church planting there is a desperate need for new local church leadership. He is traveling to various regions to give local church based training. He also works with campus ministry. Teresa works in teaching music and working with youth in an English church in Addis. She also teaches English in the church and in the community.

  • james & Collen Guskjolen - panama

    James and Colleen have served the Lord through the PAOC for 33 years. While residing in Panama City Panama, they presently represent the PAOC by serving as Regional Director of Missions in the Latin America/Caribbean region. They are responsible for "Calling leaders to courageously and creatively pioneer a spirit-filled, socio-economic transformation." Their strategy is to help PAOC Global Workers focus on: Spiritual Transformation Ministry to the Margins Humanitarian Relief and Development Education and Training of Children, Youth and Spiritual Leaders Business as Mission and Marketplace Leaders James frequently liaises with national spiritual leaders to formulate strategies and use their influence to reach their nations, and the world, for Jesus.

    The Guskjolen’s passion is to see doors of ministry opened and challenge believers to become fully engaged in missions in whatever capacity God has called them.

  • Gary & Kathy Heinrichs - costa rica

    After pastoring in BC and Alberta, Gary and Kathy attended language school in San Jose, Costa Rica for one year. From there they went to Baja California, Mexico where they have served as PAOC Global workers for the past two years. They spend time building relationships with local evangelical pastors and churches.

    The Heinrichs have hosted various short term teams from the US and Canada. Teams assist pastors and churches with construction projects and they conduct children's programs.

    In the Fall of 2014, the family will be transitioning back to San Jose, Costa Rica, where they will continue with the same type of ministry, and also would like to add ministry to the Indigenous peoples. The Heinrichs feel privileged to be called minister to the people of Latin America.

Local Missions

CLC is excited to partner with local missions.

  • Neighbour aid

    We are Churches and Community working together to meet the needs of our friends and neighbors. We are not just a Food Bank. We provide many different services. Please check out our program information and volunteer opportunites.

  • marthas table  

    Hot Soup and Sandwiches served for FREE at CPC fellowship hall.

  • bread friday

    10am - 12pm - Every Friday

    FREE Bread given to those in need!